Since it is invented in 2005, E-cigarettes has gone through a rapid development during these 12 years. When we enjoy the vape pleasure It brings to us, there are some points that deserves our attention. To create a safe environment for ourselves and people around us, please follow the following suggestions:

1. When charging the battery, please remember to take it down when it is fully charged to avoid over charging and over discharging.

2. When cleaning the E-cigarettes, please don’t dip the battery in the water and keep USB port dry when charging the battery.

3. Please don’t throw it down from a high position.

4. Please put the e-cigarettes in a place beyond the reach of children. E-cigarettes is designed mainly for smokers. And cigarette favors e-liquid contains nicotine. Though It is safer than traditional cigarette, It is not recommended to smoke in front of vulnerable groups, especially children and pregnant women.

5. As nicotine is harmful to our health and highly addictive, cigarette flavors series is not advisable. It would be better for new beginners and nonsmokers to choose other flavors. And for smokers, it is advisable to choose e-liquids with lower nicotine content.

6. Please don’t smoke excessively and remember to control the amount of e-liquid consumed daily.

Even though e-cigarettes is much healthier and safer than traditional cigarettes, we still has to be responsible for both ourselves and the people around us. It will be better to enjoy the pleasure e-cigarette and at the meanwhile lead a healthy life.


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