Eleaf once again gave us a new understanding of it with a new design. Eleaf has always given me a simple, low-key impression. But the latest series of new products surprised me. Well, today’s protagonist Lexicon with ELLO Duro is one of them.

Lexicon with ELLO Duro Kit

Individual metal shell, scientific sense LED lamp design

Lexicon with ELLO Duro is once again popular in the electronic cigarette industry because of its unique design and LED decoration. I think it really meets the current aesthetic standards. Individual metal shell, scientific sense LED lamp design. I really couldn’t help but ask “Do you rock?”.

This is a device that is powered by 18650 batteries and reaches the maximum output of 235W. Its super output and long-lasting life can add more playability to it.

Lexicon with ELLO Duro Individual metal shell, scientific sense LED lamp design

Amazing ELLO Duro Atomizer

ELLO Duro Atomizer is another highlight of this product, creative drip tip and glass tube will undoubtedly become a point of attention. The two coils are all mesh coils. Based on their recommended power, we can easily find the best output. These two coils will not disappoint you in performance. Thick cotton and large areas of heat are sufficient for e-liquid heating.

Amazing ELLO Duro Atomizer

Regardless of the quality of the taste or the performance of vapor, these two coils have done their best. The airflow at the bottom is also the one design I like very much. It is very smooth when rotating the air flow ring.


Where Can I Buy Lexicon with ELLO Duro

Now Cloumix Vape Online Store (one of the three largest e-cigarette sellers in China) is selling Eleaf Lexicon with ELLO Duro (click to buy). If you like it, you can buy it directly at Cloumix.com. Of course, it is still a special event, if you want to know more preferential information, please visit directly: https://www.cloumix.com/

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