I think you need to know about an ultra-portable Salt Nic e-cigarette Hangsen IQ Kit. The Pod Kit is an e-cigarette device that is more portable than the Pen style Kit.

Hangsen iQ Ultra-Portable Pod System

The IQ Kit is an ultra-thin pod kit. I saw it at first glance, I can’t believe it is an electronic cigarette. I can easily carry it in my pocket and it won’t affect any of my movements. As long as I like it, I can vaping anytime, anywhere.


Brand: Hangsen
Product Name: IQ Level Pod System Kit 200mAh battery with 0.9ml Pod

On this device, Hangsen uses a 1.8 ohm coil to create a more comfortable nicotine experience. Whether it is vapor production or nicotine taste, Hangsen is as perfect as possible.

Salt Nic Pod KitSalt-Nic is an e-juice that is more irritating than high-nicotine e-juice. Compared to the common Pod Kit, devices that support the use of salt-nic must have a coil head with a higher resistance. why? Because the lower resistance coil head has a stronger vapor production capacity, if we use it, it will seriously damage our throat and lungs.

I would highly recommend a friend who wants to convert from smoking to vaping to try it. The IQ Kit not only does not have carcinogens like cigarettes, but a pod is equivalent to 40 cigarettes.

So, do you still want to continue carrying a large volume of cigarette packs? Or, you can try the new “smoking” concept. I think it is time to change, what do you think?

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