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1. Screw off the atomizer base and take down the atomizer head;
2. Drip a few drops of e-liquid directly into the atomizer head to make the coil(s)
inside fully saturated before first use;
3. Screw the primed atomizer head onto the atomizer base tightly;
4. Put the glass tube on, and screw the top section (including chimney, top cap and
mouthpiece) back on;
5. Screw off the top cap, and fill the tank with e-liquid though the side slot. Screw
the top cap with mouthpiece back on after filling.
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(Note: please do not inject e-liquid into the center hole; please don’t overfill.)
6. The airflow can be adjusted by rotating the airflow control ring on the atomizer
7. Finally the ELLO T is ready for use.

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