Joyetech recently launched a new Starter Kit, Batpack with Joye ECO D16. So this is different from some of our previous battery mods or Box mods. This is a device that can be powered by two AA batteries. This means that we will be convenient to buy batteries.

AA batteries?

The 18650 battery or built-in battery has always been the main energy source of the Starter Kit. So, as a vape device that can be powered by two AA batteries, will it make a difference to us?

The AA battery is one of our recognized energy batteries. It has a lower voltage output and ensures that we can use it safely. So in order to match the use of AA batteries, Batpack Kit also reduced the minimum voltage to 1.85V, which will undoubtedly greatly extend our vaping time. Because we saw the Vape Kit at the low voltage of 3.3V has begun to suggest the need to charge and can not continue to use. It seems that this time, Joyetech also put a lot of effort into technology.

New structure of the coil head

We were also pleasantly surprised to find that this mini device uses a new structure of the coil head, which removes the chimney and allows the vapor to be inhaled more directly. The BFHN 0.5ohm head is more like high nicotine vaper can not refuse it.

The appearance of vintage elements

Although we did not get unexpected output or large screens on this product, it allowed us to use it more easily and get excellent flavor quality. By the way, we still have such cool color choices. What do you think about this AA battery-powered product?




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