Aspire’s epoch-making product?

Today’s “One Minute” will be with everyone to get to know the SkyStar Revvo Kit from Aspire. Many people have commented that this product is Aspire’s epoch-making product. So where exactly is its progress? Does it really bring us a different vaping experience?

Since its launch, the SkyStar Revvo Kit has attracted the attention of everyone. Why is this? I believe everyone has a keen interest in its 1.3 inch touch screen. The SkyStar Revvo Kit still consists of two parts, SkyStar mod and Revvo tank.

As we just said, it has a 1.3 inch touch screen and is powered by two 18650 batteries. With dual 18650 battery, we will not have to worry about power consumption caused by the display.

Revvo tank

Revvo tank this time is equipped with two different resistance Atomizer coils, 0.10ohm and 0.16ohm. Continuing the Aspire’s quest for taste, the Revvo tank still uses a shrink-type drip tip. This type of drip tip will compress vaopr very well, which will ultimately give us a more intense taste and a smoother vaping experience.

Its touch screen is really nice

With the SkyStar Revvo Kit you will feel very easy to use. It is no longer necessary to remember the use of key combinations. Using it is as easy as manipulating your smartphone.

Yes, if you are interested, I would recommend you to buy it from Aspire’s official authorized store, Cloumix. By the way, now Cloumix(link) is carrying out Mother’s Day special offer. Enter the discount code below and you will get the appropriate discount.

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