Do you know that there is a hot e-cigarette recently? Yes, I want to say the N7 Starter Kit from Nemovape. This is a Pod Kit with a 370mAh battery and support for refill e-juice. The portable size and high recognisable appearance make this product popular with many vapers.

If you like this product too, let us look at it.

What’s in the Nemovape N7 Pod Starter Kit package:

A Nemovape N7 370mAh Battery (this device has a 370mAh battery and comes with an LED indicator to tell us the real-time status)

A Nemovape N7 2ml Pod (No e-liquid) (this Pod Tank can store 2ml e-juice and support us to add high-nicotine e-juice)

An E-liquid Injection Bottle (this is an e-juice bottle to help us better add e-juice)

A USB cable (with the charger, we will achieve the best charging efficiency)

An E-liquid Tips

A User Manual (please read the user manual carefully before use. The user manual will tell us how to use the Nemovape N7 Pod Starter Kit correctly)

So this is the N7 Pod Kit, what do you think? If you want to get the best deal, you can also buy it at Cloumix online shop. Thanks for watching

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