The Vape Pen 22 kit is a Tiny Vape Kit launched by SMOK. This is a simple device with no display and no choice of modes. So this product will surprise us?

Vape Pen 22 Kit cool look

Not Only Easy-To-Use

The Vape Pen 22 Kit only has a fire button, so press the button and you can vaping. There is no need to do anything or think. Many friends will say that this is a zero-activity product and it will not bring us any interesting experience at all. really?

Vape Pen 22 Kit Powerful chip

No! SMOK is equipped with a powerful chip for the Vape Pen 22. It can determine the final output based on the resistance of the Atomizer coil. The lower the resistance, the higher the output. So don’t worry, it understands what you want.

Vape Pen 22 Kit Powerful Atomizer Coils


Now SMOK has introduced new Vape Pen coils, Vape Pen Mesh (0.15 ohm coil) and Vape Pen Strip (0.15 ohm coil). For a Vaper familiar with SMOK products are very familiar with. This type of coal will give us good flavor and impressive clouds. The 22MM diameter allows this product to have a 1650mAh battery capacity, which will no doubt satisfy our daily vaping needs.

Vape Pen Strip 0.15 ohm coil

Vape Pen 22 Kit is not the most portable, not the most powerful, not the most impressive, but it must belong to some vaper who really like it, some people who understand it.

I Want One

If you are buying Vape pen 22 for the first time, you can go to SMOK Official Authorized Vape Online Store  (link)for more purchase help.

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