Teslacigs is another e-cigarette brand with a design style. If you are also concerned about e-cigarettes, you will find that Teslacigs has launched two steam-style VapeMods. But today I want to share with you another new product, this is a Pod Kit. But it will be a bit different, this is a Pod Kit with a display.

So Easy to Use Teslacigs TPOD Ultra Portable System

TPOD is a product I want to share with you. So let me tell you more about Teslacigs TPOD details. This product is made of zinc alloy, so it has a stronger outer casing. Teslacigs handles the outer casing with a very fine edge and a very smooth edge. There will be a power button on the side of the device, and we can turn the power on/off by quickly pressing the power button five times. Of course, this button can also control the display to turn off or on. After removing the pod tank, we can add e-liquid. Everything is as simple as that. We don’t need to press any buttons, just suck and use. Now, we don’t need to think about it so much, just immerse ourselves in vaping. What do you think?

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