THC Blaze Solo RDA is one of the vape devices worth purchasing if you want to update the old. Let’s get started to explore more information about that new device! You will understand why it deserves your eyes.


THC Blaze Solo RDA is an innovative vape device due to its victor postless build deck and angled down  315° honeycomb surrounding airflow design, which can bring you the decent and unforgettable flavor you never feel.

Incomparable design-43 honeycomb air holes will arouse your various enjoyment of gustatory sense by providing you ultimate flavor. Sounds very exciting!

Blaze Solo RDA of 24mm diameter has 2ml e-juice capacity and top/bottom filling. There are 9 colors offered to you: SS, Matt Black, Gold, Gun, Glass, Silver Black, Red, Lava Black, and Gold Black.

If you want to feel that magic THC Blaze Soko RDA contains, Just click the linked blue keyword to order. Now you can get a cheaper price by using code “TBSR”.


  • Brand: THC
  • Product Name: Blaze Solo RDA
  • Size: Diameter 24 * 29.5mm
  • Material: SS/Aluminium
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Deck: Single coil
  • Filling: Top/Bottom filling
  • Drip Tip: 810
  • Color: Glass, SS, Gun, Gold, Red, Lava Black, Gold Black, Matt Black, Silver Black

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