If you want to update your vape device recently, Uwell Crown D Pod Mod Kit is a great choice you may opt for. Let me introduce more details about it here.


Crown D Kit, the latest product in the Uwell Crown series, is a multi-functional and powerful vape device. Crown D has a big 1100mAh battery with a 5W-35W output power range. It incorporates Pro-FOCS flavor modification technology as well as a handy side airflow adjustment. The cartridge has a 3ml e-liquid capacity, a top loading mechanism, and a robust magnetic pod attachment. To accommodate MTL to DTL vaping, two mesh coils are incorporated.


1. Five Different Output Modes

There are 5 output modes you can adjust which depends on your preferred vaping experience. To meet your basic function needs, Crown D features 5 various output modes (POW, VOLT, CURVES, BYPASS, and CUSTOMIZE). In CURVES mode, you can select different voltages for each vaping session; in BYPASS mode, the device will output based on the current battery level.

2. Advanced Settings

You can set the color and brightness freely, and the exhausted vaping gas will be piped out reasonably without influencing your whole vaping feelings by adjusting to puff clear. If there is something wrong with the operation, you can easily reset to factory defaults and never worry about that trouble.

3. Convenient Airflow Adjustment

By adjusting the Airflow through the side button on the outer shell of the device, you can enjoy comfortably recycled breath when vaping. It is simple and convenient without having to remove the pod.

4. Mighty Power, Boundless Enjoyment

All-day vaping is possessed and provided by the powerful 1100mAh large-capacity battery, promoting durability and utility with less charging.

5. Dual Ignition Ways

With Uwell’s patented Pro-FOCS flavor adjustment technology, you can apply auto or man-made by setting Auto-draw or Button firing per your degrees of operation feasibility.

6. Stepless & Precise Power Adjustment

It is advantageous in power regulation in that the bottom wheel is got to turn without a hitch and you do not need to score a lot of complicated steps which is time-consuming. As the explicit curb is processed, the exceptional flavor will rashes you which makes you immersed.

7. Visual Operation from A 0.96-inch TFT Display

The 0.96-inch TFT LCD screen allows you to view real-time vaping data. Real-time puffs, battery, resistance output power, and output voltage can be supervised at any time.

8. Playful Settings for Individual Preference

Setting your personal preferences for the selected mode and enjoying the various flavors and layered richness of the atomized e-liquid is not burdensome as you choose.

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Brand: Uwell
Product Name: Crown D Pod Mod Kit
Material: Aluminium Alloy, PCTG
Dimensions: 1062818.5mm
E-liquid Capacity: 3ml(FDA)
Output Range: 5-35W
Battery Capacity: 1100mAh
Coil Specification: FeCrAI Meshed 0.3ohm Uwell PA Coil: 25W-35W(Pre-installed, DTL), FeCrAI Meshed 0.8ohm Uwell PA Coil: 15W-18W(Spare, RDL+MTL)
Filling Type: Top filling
Display Screen: 0.96 inch TFT display
Airflow: Side airflow adjustment
Color: Red, Gray, Green, Blue, Purple, Black

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