Here we will see Yocan Regen Vaporizer Kit.


Regen Kit is a cutting-edge concentration vaporizer. It is ideal for on-the-go use with its 1100mAh battery, built-in silicone jar, and lanyard. The magnetic connection between the atomizer tube and the base enables it easier to use and saves time.

The QTC coil is designed for massive clouds and hits, while the QDC coil provides the cleanest experience. There are three functional adjustable voltage options: 3.0V, 3.5V, and 4.0V. You can keep your device safe with the hanging ring.

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Brand: Yocan
Product Name: Regen Kit
Battery Capacity: 1100mAh
Coil Type: QTC coil and QDC coil
Voltage Levels: 3.0V, 3.5V, 4.0V
Colors: Black, Stainless Steel, Gray, Apple Green, Light Red, Light Blue

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