Unlike MTL Vaping, DL vaping pursues more cloud and more impactful vapor experiences. In order to meet the player’s pursuit of different vaping effects, many e-cigarette manufacturers have also launched their own high power kit. Recently, Vaporesso has launched its LUXE with SKRR Kit.

What is Vaporesso LUXE with SKRR Kit? LUXE with SKRR Kit is a high power kit with a 2.0inch touchscreen. The LUXE with SKRR Kit is powered by two 18650 batteries and has a maximum output of 230W. It is equipped with the fastest OMNI-BOARD 4.0 for ultra-fast 0.001s firing speed and 2.5A fast charging technology. Its fierce and fast output allows us to use a 0.03 ohm-5 ohm coil.

Vaporesso SKRR is another highlight of this product, and it is equipped with an innovative QF Mesh coil, let us get a new upgrade vaping experience. The QF Mesh coil is a bullet shape. Not only does it prevent e-juice from being sucked out of the drip tip, but it also increases the mesh coil and air contact space to get more clouds. Now, are you ready?

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