SMOK is a name we are familiar with. This is an e-cigarette brand from China. It insists on adding innovative technology to e-cigarettes to bring us a new vaping experience. SMOK has always been a favorite brand of vapor chaser, so what surprise will the SMOK Species Kit bring to us today?

What is SMOK Species Vape Kit? This is a high power vape kit with a touch screen. This device uses two 18650 batteries as the energy source and gets a maximum output of 230W. As a new design of SMOK, the Species Kit has a cobra-style design. Unlike the cool style of the past, the Species Kit looks more wild and full of energy. As I said earlier, this is a device with a touch screen.

With a 1.45inch touch screen on the front of the device, the manipulation of the electric vape mod is now much simpler. With it, we can set the output mode and temperature, output power and so on on the screen. Compared to the previous combination buttons, the Species Kit allows e-cigarettes to be manipulated like a smartphone. This is great. Of course, its TFV8 Baby V2 Tank will also play its maximum performance, satisfying our pursuit of massive vapor. Do you like it?

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