When I said that WISMEC was always excited, it was really a very distinctive brand. Especially in the Jay Bo design style, WISMEC always makes me excited. What brought today is a portable product from Wismec, with an innovative JVUA system. Does it have any special feeling?

HiFlask Pod System Vape Kit

What is the HiFlask Pod System Vape Kit? This product has something special, because it cannot be said directly as a Pod Kit because it has some common electronic cigarette styling, but it has a cartridge designed inside the body. The ALL-IN-ONE design makes this device more portable, and the design is very smooth. I like it very much. Here you will find a knob airflow adjustment switch instead of the common bottom airflow adjustment system. Of course, there is also a cartridge switch to better lock the pod tank. After removing the cartridge, we can pull out the JVUA coil directly, just as the photo shows.

we can pull out the JVUA coil directly

This design not only brings a smoother taste, but also allows us to better clean the cartridge. This is awesome. The new atomizer structure allows better contact with the space for better retention of taste and improved taste. If you are looking for a taste and want to find a portable device, HiFlask will be your best choice.

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