Hi, everyone. It’s great to share my experience with everyone. I am a vaper who loves RDA Atomizer, so Vandy Vape is a very concerned electronic cigarette brand for me. I bought this product shortly after Vandy Vape introduced its first MTL Vape. What impressed me most is its 5 adjustable airflows. This brand is really done extremely, especially in the details. Berserker really allowed me to get the vaping effect I wanted. The feeling of throat impact was perfect! I can’t find a reason to reject it.

What is Vandy Vape Berserker MTL Pen Style Kit?

So before you buy, let’s take a look at Berserker MTL Kitdetails. This is a classic pen style electronic cigarette, which imitates the traditional cigarette in its shape, so it brings users better acceptance. Its 19mm diameter and 123mm height give us a more convenient experience. It is a device powered by a 1100mAh internal battery and we do not need to buy another battery. The part of the chimney with a hollow design, it has a better recognition.


I think you will like its narrow diameter drip tip. The narrow diameter drip tip not only brings a similar experience to the use of cigarettes but also allows the vapor to be compressed better. Finally, we get a more intense taste. The design without the display did not lose its fun. Surrounding the fire button is an LED indicator, which tells us the current output mode and battery life of the device through three different lighting colors. 3.5ml capacity is the maximum e-liquid storage capacity of this device, of course, it will also provide a 2ml version so that we can choose. There will be a lot of different vape kits on the market. I think it’s important to find a device that is right for you. Whatever you do, you must follow your own heart. right?

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