Recently Aspire launched a new tank — Aspire Nautilus 2. I show great brand loyalty for Aspire. So I tried this product as soon as it was pushed out. And without much exaggeration to say, this product can give me a better vaping experience even than Aspire’s most famous tank — Aspire Revvo Tank although it is not innovative as Revvo. By its ordinary structure and elements, it can make us users fully enjoy the e-liquid and get the best usage experience.

Aspire Nautilus 2 is the newest product of the Nautilus series, which is always the hot series. Combined with all the merits of other products in this series, Aspire Nautilus 2 still has its own unique characteristics. With the resistance of 1.8 Ohm and the air adjustment at the bottom, it can reduce the spread path in order to provide users with a better vaping experience. You may don’t know what 1.8-Ohm resistance exactly means. But you must know the smaller the resistance is, the less the loss will be. Just let us see the resistance of other products. You will find above 2 or 3 Ohm is ordinary. But Aspire Nautilus 2 takes such a small resistance, which means it can almost fully vape its inner e-liquid to produce full-bodied flavor.

Besides, its coil can be compatible with other Nautilus tanks, which will further improve our usage experience. We can reuse the coils of our old tanks for a new one. It is very energy-saving and money-saving. Besides its 1.8-ohm coils, it even has 0.7-ohm coils to provide an even better flavor. And the 0.7-ohm can also be interchanged with other Nautilus tanks.

I also feel satisfied with its easy oil-filling and cleaning. With its top oil-filling system, we can refill it easily from the top. Just let the tank stand straight, rive the cover and then we can add our favorite e-liquid. You can choose to drip or pour the e-juice according to your own preference. Apart from all this, there is even a fine airflow adjuster at the bottom of the tank, which means we can adjust the quantity of the airflow optionally. From all my introductions, you must find there are no special or innovative progress about this tank, but all the ordinary skills combined make Aspire Nautilus 2 perfect.

Nautilus 2

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