Many vape lovers relish the mini device, however, nearly all the atomizers of a small size are subject to the problem of battery life. Nowadays, Eleaf released its new product, iStick PICO 25 kit. Paired with ELLO rebuildable tank atomizer, the iStick PICO 25 comes with improved flavor and enhanced clouds.

The iStick PICO25 is packaged in paper box painted with green that is the traditional color of Eleaf and stand for health. The back of package also bears information of kit and origin. As a kit, the content of the package is rich including the PICO 25 device, the ELLO atomizer, a single coil core of 0.2 ohm and a 0.3 ohm core of dual coils and so on. PICO 25 provides six color programs. Among the color programs, silver and black, black and red, blue and white deliver a sense of youth and fashion. The PICO 25 is equipped with ELLO atomizer, which adopts a long/short design.

The ELLO atomizer is assembled with a short tank that has a liquid capacity of 2 ml by the manufacturer. And you are provided with a long glass tank which allows users to improve the liquid volume to 4 ml. Due to the design, users can change the tank of different volume to meet their own needs. The most attractive selling point of the iStick PICO 25 has to do with the dimension. With a maximum length of 71 mm that is just 6 mm higher than 18650 battery, the width and thickness of the atomizer is 48 mm and 25 mm.

In addition to the 510 interface, the height of this atomizer is 40 mm. PICO 25 is small and compact but also well built. Paired with a slide top fill structure, push the top cover according to the mark and refill the device. There is a steel ball at the other end protecting the tank against emergent open.

pico 25

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