Black Note offers sampler packs that allow you to try many flavors in a small volumetric flask, which I highly recommend. Nicotine levels can even be chosen when ordering. Plus, one of my favorite features is the free custom label for the vapor bottle!

The one I tried was the “minty and crisp” “Solo”. This one has a five-star rating and it’s easy to see why. The flavor is the perfect balance of pleasant without being too subtle, and fresh without being overly sweet. The purity of the Solo is another factor that jumps out when taking a hit; after all, if you’re going to quit smoking, you want your alternative to being the best of the best, and this surely is. I haven’t craved a cigarette once since receiving it.

The incredible custom brand of the Black Note team creates a fun and personalized experience. However, even without any personal style, the packaging is still classy and upscale.

One aspect I appreciate about this site is that brands make it clear that they are meticulous at growing, blending and refining tobacco essences through their information description pages. In addition, the purchasing process is seamless, including fast shipping, easy payment and good customer service; they even have an integral bonus system and referral program. Encourage consumers to participate and review the product for points purchased in the future.

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