Holding the idea that less is more, Eleaf put forward a new product — Eleaf iStick Kiya with GS Juni. This product is worth mentioning first because of its constructively small size. Many people may think that being small means nothing. But just try to put it into the daily life. In such a high-speed society, the pursuit of being fast and small has become a trend. Try to imagine, you can hold it in your hand while using it and put it wherever you like while you don’t use it.

Expect being small, it also has many other advantages. First, what impresses me most is its rich functions. It is not only an e-cigarette but also a clock. It can be presented in two ways, digital clock and dial clock. So we can design an over-time informing to avoid our long-time vaping.

Some people may doubt its basic function – being e-cigarettes. In fact, there is no need worrying about it. It is superior to other e-cigarettes in many aspects apart from the clock function. For example, it is very convenient to clean because its GS Juni can be separated and reassembled. Featuring a temperature protection system, the charging process can be safely ensured. And with biggest charging electronic currency – 2A, it can get fully charged in a short time. It has some special characteristics. It has a new, bright and big color display screen of 1.45 inches, in which we can see all the parameters clearly. What’s more, it takes a more complex airflow system. We will have a perfect vaping experience by simply turning the controlling ring of air flow freely to get the best air flow. And it can provide the purest flavor of our e-liquid by the well-chosen air core.

In my opinion, this product not only has e-cigarette common function but also has many its own spotlights. iStick Kiya with GS Juni can be called as the best product of Eleaf.

istick kiya

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