The symptoms of Nicotine withdrawal are often strong and it can cause people to relapse very often, but with e-cigarettes the symptoms can be softened. Its literally a process of weaning yourself away from the nicotine addiction by combating the physical addiction to the nicotine drug addiction at the same time.

Addiction to Nicotine has proven deadly over the years so much so that Nicotine use is still considered a crime in some countries like Australia. More people have failed to stop the smoking habit than there are that have succeeded and among the many that have stopped, quite a number have relapsed.

Most Addicted smokers willing to make the switch go for the highest level of nicotine strength e-cigarettes they can get their hands on. This is an approach that is normal as a drastic drop will affect the body in much the same ways as quitting suddenly will. However, dropping the Nicotine strength gradually will help the body readjust gradually till it doesn’t require Nicotine to function. If you want to use e-cigarettes to dropping the Nicotine strength, you can try the Eleaf iJust S, it is very suitable for beginners.

Eleaf ijust s

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