Alcohol and juice flavor are the most special parts in vape e-liquid. Some people love them very much while still some people loathe it. But if you try to mix this two flavors together, what will it be like?

However, if you often go to the night bar, you would feel common about it for in the nightclub people usually adopts this kind of method to make a different drink with ice, which not only easy the taste of alcohol but also add great color to this monotonous drink.

E-liquid based on alcohol with the adding the of soda is called Highball which firstly came from a English actor who asked a barman to mix the Scotland Whysikey with soda in Boston. In this way, the Highball came into being.

With special taste, this kind of mixed alcohol soon won great popularity from those young people. It become a kind of fashion and also brought about a series of “Highball Culture”

Vape is originated from tobacco products however, it relates to those delicious food with their different flavors thus making vape different from those traditional tobacco products. Black vape is a kind of vape that combines alcohol with juice.

Official Description
Concentration: 3mg
Capacity: 50ml
PG: 30%
VG: 70%

Taste Introduction
The combination of cola and whiskey with some ice delivers you a cool feeling which also improve the flavor of Whiskey and make the whole vaping process more enjoyable. You needn’t worry about the strong flavor of Whiskey for cola will make it much comfortable.

If you want have a different vaping experience, the Black vape is highly recommended.


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