If you are interested in electronic cigarettes, you must know OBS, a company , which focuses on health e-cigarette product development, several days before, OBS has launched a new product- Crius II. Next, I will provide you some information about it.

Detailed Features
All new designed deck for single coil, as we all know, the materials of electronic cigarette must be high-temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidant, etc. so it is the same to the crius II, It’s black piece was made from high tech Zirconia, which is the top high-temperature resistant materials all over the world. And from both side and bottom airflow can hit the coil, which can give you the best vapor experience. when talking about buying an electronic cigarette, we may think about it’s capacity, don’t worry, it’s 3.5 ml full capacity design can ensure you constant vaping experience.

The airflow can be adjusted according to the different lung capacity of you. and it’s 15mm wide bore drip tip made from resin, which is more friendly to our environment and also easy to be cleaned. on the other hand, it’s airflow hole has been changed to side, which conduce to focus the smoke and show the e-liquid flavor. Finally, there has one thing left, all of OBS products have anti-counterfeit labels, so don’t worry.

Having analyzed all the features and spotlights of the Crius II, what do you think of it? what’s your choice? I’ll tell you mine. Finally, I picked the Crius II, and it never let me down.

Crius II

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