In the past, you may never imagine that the touchscreen can be used in the e-cigarettes. But this becomes a reality in this year with the releasing of several vape mods with touchscreen function. Among these, there are some famous brands like the SMOK with its new product- G-Priv and Smoant with Charon. Today, we are going to have a look at another vape kit called- Joyetech Cuboid Pro Kit.

The Cuboid Pro adopts a boxed out design integrating a large 2.4 inch touch panel on the frontage of the vape kit. This large touch panel takes up almost the entire mod. Apart from being super large, it is also crisp and bright to look and operate with a user interface. What’s more, you can customize your vaping experience by personalizing the wallpaper.

Besides its smartly integrated touchscreen, the Cuboid Pro is also powerful enough. Supported by dual 18650 cells and can reach a max output of 200W, meeting your daily demand for huger vapor. Safety protections functions in this vape kit also tops other vapes. With a temperature control functionality with adjustable TCR, it can ensure the safety during charging. Also with other safety functions like reverse charging, overcharge/overtime protection etc, all you can expect!

If you want to enjoy the new touchscreen technology during your vaping, this can be a great choice for you. However, not all people are suitable for this kind of vape mod. If you are not a careful person and you often drop your vape mod, then it is not advisable for you to use this high-tech vape mod or you should use with more care.

Cuboid Pro

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