stick m17

Like girls who always seek for beauty and slimmer figure, many pen-style e-cigars have become slimmer and more elegant to attract customers. SMOK has made some innovations in Stick M17, that is, to make it more portable at the same time ensure its practicality.

Compared with other similar pen-style kits, SMOK Stick M17 has been designed to be slimmer. Its size is 130.65×17.5mm and it just weighs 77g, which is very small and light for vapers to carry. We have made an experiment that we can put into our pockets perfectly. When you plan to go out with your Stick M17, you needn’t to worry about there is nowhere for you put. This improvement can make the device become more portable and more convenient.

Although this device is designed to be slimmer and more portable, its function is still excellent. Powered by built-in 1300mAh battery, the device is powerful enough for vapers to meet their daily needs. This battery is durable and powerful so that you can enjoy a better vaping experience and longer vaping time. On top of that, the e-cigar has employed multiple protections like the low voltage protection, 10 seconds cut-off and short circuit protection. By using these protections, some potential hazards can be avoided to ensure your personal safety and property safety.

SMOK Stick M17 is a slimmer kit yet features practical functions. For each vaper, this e-cigar is an excellent option with its simple operation and small size.


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