Vape pens have come a long way and many manufactures have launched vape pens with different functions into the market. Many vapers feel dazzled if they want to choose the most suitable one. Currently, I have been attracted by two vape pens: Eleaf iJust S and Joyetech Exceed D19 and here I want to make a detailed comparison between them so as to give you some useful suggestions.

Both iJust S and Exceed D19 have compact size and convenient to carry or hold it. The diameter of iJust S is 24.5mm and its height is 139.0mm while Exceed D19 features the diameter of 19.0 mm * 118.0 mm (Height). Besides, these two products have five colors at option and each color has its own attractive advantages.

ijust s vape pens

As for iJust S , the most distinctive feature is its new ECL 0.18ohm head. This new atomizer head is redesigned with larger e-liquid inlet holes for nice flavor. This head also features dual SS316 coils which are able to work under the high watt and can accept modes of VW, Bypass, Smart TC-SS and TCR. Regarding Exceed D19, the most attractive for vapers is its shift between two modes. One is the direct output mode and the other is the constant voltage output mode. The direct output mode means that the e-cig can behave like a mechanical mode. By contrast, using the constant voltage output mode suggests that the output will be produced constantly. To shift between two modes, we just need to long press the fire button when the power is off.

Joyetech Exceed D19

These two vape pens are excellent for vapers to choose. After reading this text, which do you prefer to buy? Whatever you choice is , I hope you will be satisfied about it.

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