Life is full of ups and downs, and consequently we will have to taste sweets and bitters of it. It seems a mysterious power in the unseen world has controlled our life and determines our fates. Is it possible to have our life under the control of ourselves? Can we shift the modes of our life with freedom?

The answer for the above question from Revenger Mini is “yes”. With Revenger Mini, we take back the freedom to choose the vaping life for ourselves.

OMNI Board 2.2 is applied to Revenger Mini. With it, ten different vaping modes is available for users options. By simply touching the screen, we can choose the modes that we like best and experience totally different flavors and vapors. With Revenger Mini, the vaping life has been under the control of ourselves.

Powered by a built in lithium battery with 2500mah capacity, Revenger Mini is capable of generating a range of wattage of 5 to 85W, from which you can choose by setting the output modes. The same as that of RevengerX, Revenger Mini has applied an invisible touch button on the screen. By touching the screen, we can see the mode menu, and there are totally ten different modes for us to choose from. Then we can also touch the button”system set”to further set the time display, TCR CCT and power. With it, we can set the our favorite modes that provides the best flavor and vaping experience. Thus we have taken back the right to decide.and find the modes that best suit our interests.

revenger mini

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